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Egyptian Dawn - Robert Temple‘Temple is that rare kind of author who can stir the magic within you’
- Manchester Evening News

‘Robert Temple is honest with readers, careful with his sources, and writes with zest’
- Daily Telegraph

'Robert Temple’s book is scholarly and deeply researched … it is rewarding study for the enquiring and open-minded’
- Eastern Daily Press

‘Temple writes very nicely, backed up by copious scientific and historical research’
- Guardian

Sphinx Mystery Reviews
A selection of reviews from Robert Temple's last book
The Sphinx Mystery

‘Brilliant! A remarkable work of detailed and painstaking research, integrative thinking, and original insight. The Temples’ reinterpretation of some of Egypt’s abiding mysteries is more than thought-provoking: it is inspiring.’
- Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Author of 'The Presence of the Past

‘I was swept straight into this marvellous book. It’s brilliant, original, occasionally delightfully malicious, and it showed me just how little I really knew about the Sphinx.’
- Colin Wilson. Author of 'Atlantis and the Kingdom of Neanderthals' and 'The Outsider'

The Sphinx Mystery'The true mysteries of the Sphinx, both hidden and forgotten, are brilliantly exposed in this compelling book by Robert and Olivia Temple. They have uncovered hard data revealing the manipulation and misinterpretation that dominate this area of Egyptology. Their use of solid evidence, textual and photographic, make their case unarguable .'
- Michael Baigent. Coauthor of 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' and author of 'The Jesus Papers'

'Robert and Olivia not only did an outstanding job of pulling together a treasure trove of little known historic facts and photos but they put them together in a way that tells an exciting and compelling story. This book clearly lays out the age-old Sphinx mystery like a puzzle, and then solves it while making sense of every anomaly along the way. What an excellent piece of work!'
- Walter Cruttenden. Director, Binary Research Institute.

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